Caffe Mauro

Italian slow roasted coffee

Caffe Mauro – aroma slow roasted coffee


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Caffe Mauro philosophy – the best coffee beans from every corner of the world to fit the taste of every coffee lover there is.


The company oversees all processes from coffee plantation and cultivation to roasting and packaging. To ensure the freshness, Caffe Mauro was the first company in Italy to implement a new coffee packaging technology that later became a global standard. Another technology that makes Caffe Mauro stand out of other brands is a slow bean roasting process – prolonged preparation time and lower roasting temperatures ensure that beans are not over-roasted and preserve natural oils, also making sugar in beans caramelize slowly, preventing them from burning. That‘s why Mauro coffee is naturally sweeter and has an exclusive aroma and richness.


Innovation hand in hand with ageless tradition: we can finally savor the excellent Caffe Mauro production in Lithuania.

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