Arte Domestica

Advanced home appliances distributor in the Baltics

Our service package includes:

Market research

Continuous market analysis in the Baltic States and other countries enables us to provide a wide selection of exclusive quality products. The assortment is adjusted in relation to the changes in the market and consumer behavior. Strong and broad partnerships enable us to react to these changes quickly and in a flexible manner.

Brand representation

Representing the brands, we aim to achieve maximum results in the assigned region. Sharing information with the partners, providing annual trainings, thorough publicity via shop in shop, external and web advertising channels, a strong sales team and live product presentations to the end user allow ensuring the purchasing power of the product and continuously increasing brand recognition.

Market entry

A long-term experience in the field and trustworthy partnerships provide an advantage in making implications with regard to product realization, by applying the best sales solutions and strong, as well as targeted, publicity.


A strategically favorable geographic location, long-term experience and extensive network or transportation partners enable us to smoothly deliver the products in less than 24 hours to all the Baltic States and other countries. Smooth processes in logistics are ensured by transporting the production of our represented brands, storing, marking, and assembling as per clients' needs, providing insurance and direct delivery to the points of sale.


A strong team of product managers, logistics and sales professionals ensures a continuous sales growth of the represented brands. A steady expansion of the partner network and a multi-level motivational system enable us to increase the number of points of sale and raise sales of the represented products via different channels.


Baltic Continent, the main partner for service of our represented brands, in cooperation with certified technical maintenance companies in different countries ensures fast and convenient warranty and post-warranty care to the end user. Clients can consult and purchase products that prolong the life of their appliances in our service centers.

Main figures

14 years

Since 2002 Arte Domestica has been expanding its business and successfully cooperating with world-famous brands.

40 brands

We are representing world famous brands from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, the United States, Slovenia and other countries. We have exclusive distribution rights of 22 brands in the markets we operate.

~2000 products

The constantly updated assortment list is renewed each year with latest and most innovative products. Our assortment consists of more than 100 product categories.

>600 clients

259 partners. Networks of large and small stores with integrated e-shops and e-commerce companies. More than 600 outlets.

>100 clients

20 partners. Networks of large and small stores with integrated e-shops and e-commerce companies. More than 100 outlets.

>80 clients

18 partners. Networks of large and small stores with integrated e-shops and e-commerce companies. More than 80 outlets.

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