WMF-460x460WMF has more than 160 years of tradition behind it. The company has an international presence, sets standards with its innovations and acts as an important source of inspiration within the market. WMF offers gourmets high-quality, functional and beautiful crafted products that satisfy even the highest design standards.

WMF products have been and continue to be honoured with the most prestigious design awards, and not just because they look great. When developing small electrical appliances functionality is also key. And this is precisely why proven developments such as the material Cromargan® are given a chance, along with brand-new innovations for refined cuisine and to make cooking, preparing and eating breakfast more fun.

Many innovations over the last few years have also been established in the Consumer Electrical division. The LINEO series sets new design standards in the breakfast and snack preparation segment. The WMF KITCHENminis® series with its elegant design is more than just an adoption to My WMF.

In the meantime, WMF has grown into in all-around supplier, and offers products that cater for all aspects of enjoyment, including preparing, cooking, dining and drinking.

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