A good dust filtration system is the key to a clean home.

Swirl vacuum bags brand belongs to Melitta, a company with plenty of experience in filter manufacturing. Melitta is a German family business, started by housewife Melitta Bentz, who designed the first paper coffee filter in 1908. In 1972, the company added Swirl products for vacuum cleaners to its assortment. Reliability, power and innovation are the key characteristics of Swirl products.

Swirl products are extremely good at collecting and locking in the dirt, dust, allergens and animal hair, therefore they‘re irreplaceable vacuum cleaner helpers. These vacuum bags were designed to comply with the users‘ needs and newest technology – that makes them easy to use, enduring and functional. Swirl always considers market news when creating its products – the company can offer bags for even the latest vacuum cleaner models. The bags are manufactured from a quality firm fabric, while 5 filtration layers ensure better suction capacity and helps destroy allergens efficiently, making Swirl bags really hard to compete with. Almost all products have dirt-locking function, used when the bag is removed from the vacuum cleaner.