High Performance Garment Steamer

SteamOne - High Performance Garment Steamer

Meet SteamOne – the irreplaceable helpmate in clothing care.

The steam ironing technology was invented 18 years ago by fashion designers in order to achieve flawless appearance. The hot steam irons all fabrics, protects them from deterioration, kills bacteria and unpleasant smell. Previously available to stylists and fashion houses only, now these globally recognized steam ironing systems are made to be used at home in a hassle-free manner. Forget the clumsy bulky ironing boards that only make you work longer.

SteamOne is a stylish and efficient helper. SteamOne offers appliances for home and travel, and has become a standard that French fashion experts comply with.

SteamOne products

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You can buy SteamOne in these retail stores either in their internet shops.