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Status 460x460

STATUS vacuum solutions – a natural way to preserve food freshness. STATUS Innovations products are created by a mechanical engineer and inventor, in cooperation with authorities for food safety and environmental protection. Electronic vacuum packing machines, vacuum bags, containers and lids – a wide selection of solutions for healthy and reliable food storing at home.

Vacuum helps retaining the taste, texture, consistency and freshness for a much longer time. It speeds up meat marination, keeps juice full of vitamins, helps food preserve natural color due to slower oxidation, and protects bread from drying out or molding. Smells do not mix in vacuum, and it also slows down the reproduction of bacteria.

Simple to use and practical STATUS Innovations vacuum packing machines, vacuum containers and lids prolong the food life period, as well as ensure that your refrigerator is tidy and free of faulty smell. Vacuum bags enable storing food for long periods or taking it to the road, meanwhile containers and lids are great for everyday use at home, in the office or at school.

Let STATUS Innovations help you form a set of healthy and wealthy life habits.

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