Melitta - endless coffee enjoyment

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Melitta – the German longevity, minimalist design, innovation and perfect coffee taste – all in one.

The story of the German family business Melitta started with a housewife Melitta Bentz, who designed the first paper coffee filter in 1908. The family business grew into a large company, owned by the Bentz family to this day. The business did not stop at manufacturing paper filters only, but expanded its production and is also producing coffee and coffee machines. Innovation remains one of the core principles in Melitta philosophy as they keep the spirit of bringing new products to make people‘s lives more convenient and advanced. And they really win at this!

Melitta coffee machines have been granted several awards and are perfectly tailored for the modern coffee lover. What lies beneath the minimalist design is quality and functionality, as well as sustainable coffee machine manufacturing process. The easy to use Melitta coffee machine system allows users not only to form their individual coffee habits, but also makes maintaining the equipment simpler. The coffee making process was developed with guidance from the coffee world experts, therefore even the strictest critics won‘t be disappointed. Try Melitta coffee machines and become the best barista of your own home – with a single hit of a button.