High quality and longevity in one name

Forget all you know about vacuum cleaners


Dyson 460x460

30 years ago, when James Dyson introduced his first inventions, a revolution took place in the vacuum cleaner market. It took 5127 prototypes until the perfectly functioning bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology was created. Nowadays the company unites more than 2000 engineers and trades its production in 65 countries, where the brand has already become a symbol of luxury and status.


Dyson philosophy is based on the principle of continuous improvement, meaning that even the gadgets that sell well are upgraded by the vast team of engineers. The same standard applies to Dyson airblade hand dryers, air care solutions and handheld vacuums. Renowned for his focus on innovation, Dyson has founded a scholarship to fund young engineers, encouraging them to create even more advanced vacuuming equipment.


Long life and the highest quality under one name – Dyson.

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